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Tummy Time Mat™


Looking for a fun, stimulating and entertaining play mat? The Tummy Time Mat™ helps to strengthen your baby's legs and arms while promoting the development of essential skills!

TUMMY TIME MAT™ – Awesome Gifts

Why the Tummy Time Mat™:

  • The Tummy Time Mat™ helps babies build up strength in the back, legs, arms and neck. This is the way to prepare your baby for the future.

  • The Tummy Time Mat™ is essential for sharpening hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and social skills. 

  • The Tummy Time Mat™ teaches babies the difference between cause and effectfrom an early age. As soon as you press the mat, the fish moves from place to place.
  • The Tummy Time Mat™ stimulates visual colours and movement that create fun and happiness. Great for the senses and motor skills.

    Tummy Time Mat


    Product specifications

    Fill the outer ring with air and the inside of the mat with the desired water level. The Tummy Time Mat™ is easy to set up and can be taken anywhere.

    Because of our special offer there is a great demand for the Tummy Time Mat™ right now. When we run out of stock the price will go up to €40,- and the promotion will expire.

    Tummy Time Mat


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