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Enjoy an optimal night's sleep while your little one sleeps peacefully


The Babypillow™ acts as a cocoon, allowing your baby to relax in a safe environment and sleep longer. Thanks to the anti-roll system, you can avoid dangerous situations for your little one.

  • The Babypillow™ distributes the pressure evenly over the skull and neck. This helps your baby develop the right head shape and reduces the risk of a flat head.


  • Babypillow™ is made of a soft, breathable fabric that keeps baby's back and neck cool.


  • The Babypillow™ is easily adjustable making it suitable for years of use regardless of baby's growth.


  • The Babypillow™ helps prevent a startle reflex. It creates a cocoon feeling that reassures your baby and prevents the startle reflex, also known as Moro reflex. 

 Because of our action, there is a great demand for the Babypillow™ and things are going fast at the moment. When we run out of stock, the price will go back up to €50,- and the promotion will expire.


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